3 Beautiful Styles of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is among the most common choices of flooring types. Many good reasons prove its assets. It is long-lasting, stable, and spectacular. It is not only common for the rooms of traditional style, but also for those of modern interior. It can be an impressive natural blend of different colors and patterns.

The choice of the parquet flooring style can never be restricted since there are various types of them. Below we will observe 3 of the most popular and outstanding styles of parquet flooring.

Herringbone parquet flooring

It goes without saying that the style called Herringbone is the most popular among the parquet floored interiors. It is classic and never goes out of style. The style can match both a minimalistic interior and a traditionally designed room. It gives a special feature to each interior. The warm and natural shades make the interior look comfortable and cozy. Herringbone parquet flooring is formed through the rows of perpendicular and parallel boards, shaping a zigzag pattern.

 There is also the Double Herringbone style, whereby the boards are installed in the same way, but in double. This is the newest version of the Herringbone style, which makes the interior look more extraordinary. The light-colored shades of the planks in Double Herringbone style are ideal for a modern minimalistic interior.

 The Chevron style parquet flooring is another great option. Hereby the blocks are angled in 45-degree and the ends of the boards meet in a line, creating V-shapes along with the pattern. Chevron is much similar to the Scandinavian style. The best design with Chevron flooring is with an interior of pastel colors and a floor of light shades. Some darker shades can be added to create a contrast.


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