Best engineered wood flooring

Engineered hardwood planks may have various breeds. There are different factors and features to take into consideration when choosing the best option for a certain aim.

It is strongly believed that the thicker the veneer is, the longer the floor can serve. The thick layer of wood enables for renovation during time, whenever they look worn out. The average thickness for the veneer is 1-3mm and more.

Not only the veneer, but also the plywood core is very important in the choice of engineered wood flooring. Unlike the solid wood, the engineered wood is more resistant to humidity and temperature due to its core. The latter is often made of plywood or fiberboard. The plywood is more preferred, since it is a combination of separate wood fibers, rather than random slabs of wood. At the same time, in case of plywood core, it is recommended to choose the one with the most layers; the more the layers, the more durable the floor.

It is essential to pay attention to how the engineered wood floor is installed; since glue is used in the installation process, it is vital to check so that the gluing is non-toxic and that it does not release anything into the air.

Most of the planks do not have the standard width and length, since the house designs may vary, and while ordering a certain plank; one can give their details in order to get the floor that fits the room perfectly.

Engineered oak floorings can be pre-treated or untreated. In case of pre-treated, the board is already oiled and lacquered right at the factory, while in case of the untreated it is not, which enables the customer to choose the matching finish themselves.

The pre-treated board is already damage-free and can be installed instantly after the purchase. However, it is important to pay attention to how hard-wearing the finish is, in order to avoid any further issues.

In case of the un-treated board the client is free to choose the oil or lacquer that will meet their precise desired expectations. Meanwhile this process may take some time to dry and be finished. After it’s installed, it is highly recommended to handle with care, for there can easily be some marks left.


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