Hardwood floor finishes satin or gloss?

There are 4 types of hardwood floor finishes according to their sheen level: glossy, semi-gloss, satin, and matte. Picking a sheen level you choose how shiny your hardwood floor is going to be.

The glossier the floor, the more light it reflects, whereby it shows more of the imperfections and dust on the floor. However, the sheen is only relevant to the aesthetic look and has nothing to do with durability.

The satin finish has a little bit of sheen, but it is not all shiny. It is like the gold medium between shiny and matte finishes. The vast majority of home designers prefer a satin finish over the rest.

Satin is of low maintenance and it is easy to take care of. It shows little of the scratches and dents on the floor. The glossier finishes reflect even the footprints on the floor. It is best for hiding the scratches from pets.

 The satin finish does not reflect the light directly but disperses it equally. Satin is perfect for the interiors in classic colors.

Gloss finish is also popular for hardwood flooring. The shiny luster on the floor creates a modern and stylish design.

Nevertheless, the gloss finish is of high maintenance, unlike the satin. It requires effort and special polish tools to keep the finish shiny. It looks its best when clean and when the gleams of sunshine come in through the windows. The shiny surface helps to maximize the light across the whole room even if it does not have much light. It creates an impression of a spacious and bright area and is the best match for darker interiors or rooms with little access of natural sunlight.

So depending on the overall interior, both satin and gloss finishes can be an option for your floor.


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