Solid hardwood as a flooring material

Solid hardwood flooring is totally made of solid wood as one would guess from its name. The hardwood species that usually serve as the main materials for it include oak, walnut, cherry, and maple.

Solid hardwood flooring is available in long planks, which have separate tongues and grooves on the edges that enable the board to interlock with one another. Solid hardwood is always nailed to the subfloor with professional skill.

The floorings can be found in various colors and tone ranges. Sometimes there are tight little seams between the boards. And the floor can be in both pre-finished and unfinished boards.

One of its main advantages is that it can be refinished several times during its whole lifespan. It is famous for its durability, especially in pre-finished form, whereby it has a factory-applied finish that lasts for a long time. It tends to last for at least 30 years and up to 100 years due to the possibility of refinishing. It is also easy to clean through vacuuming or sweeping, damp-mopping is also possible with a wood cleaner.

Hardwood flooring can match any kind of room design, from modern to traditional. It can even be stained or sanded to suit the interior. 

However, solid hardwood is not really resistant to moisture. It is not recommended to have solid hardwood flooring in areas where water splashes cannot be avoided. The humidity may cause the solid hardwood to swell and warp.

Also, the biggest disadvantage of solid hardwood flooring is definitely its cost. In comparison to all the other flooring types, it is the most expensive one.  Its installation takes big efforts as well; the labor cost should be taken into consideration too.


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