Types of parquet flooring patterns

Parquet wood flooring is always among the best ideas and it never goes out of style. There is a wide range of flooring pattern options to choose from that will match a certain design or style. Below you can find brief information about some of them.

The most famous way of installing parquet flooring is the straight pattern. The boards are put side by side from one wall to another.

The reason why this pattern is more often preferred over the others is that it is simple and competent. Due to its simplicity, it does not change the style of the room it is installed in; on the contrary, it is a nice additional feature to the overall design. The straight pattern can match various interiors, from modern styles to traditional ones.

Another popular pattern of parquet flooring is the diagonal wood flooring pattern. Unlike the straight pattern, it covers from one corner to the other. For the installation to be of good quality, the skills of a professional will come in handy. It requires some special techniques to be installed appropriately, so it is essential to have an experienced technician.

Different directions of installation may display the room as longer or wider.

Another type of parquet flooring pattern can be when the boards are installed randomly, whereby the width of the logs may differ from each other. The sizes of the boards are different; meanwhile, the pattern creates an impression of a spacious room. The colors of the boards may vary as well, creating an extraordinary interior.

A pattern named Herringbone is also very common among customers since it enables spatial stability for the boards are pressed against one another making it nearly impossible for them to move. The pattern can be installed in a straight or diagonal way. It was the ancient Romans that first applied this technique.

A point to take into consideration is that Herringbone makes the room look smaller than it is.

Very much like the Herringbone, there is also another pattern called Chevron. Hereby the blocks are sized equally and they are installed in a zigzag pattern. The boards are cut at an angle and their ends face in a line.

In a matter of time and style, chevron is among the classics. It is the best choice for spacious areas since it makes the room look smaller.

The pattern called Brick looks like brick as expected. It can be used mixed with other patterns. If employed individually, it is perfect for more modern minimalist and urban designs.

Basket weave pattern is a type of wood flooring mainly made from oak. It can be installed in a diagonal or straightway. There is a wide variety of colors to combine for the pattern.  Basket weave patterned floor will match with a room of any style or size. It has common use in modern interiors.


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