What flooring goes good with oak cabinets?

Oak cabinets have always been on top for the kitchens. Though they are of traditional style, they can be employed in several interior designs, but for contemporary. They are durable and cost-effective.

One can highlight the look of the cabinet in the kitchen by choosing the suitable flooring. Mainly laminate flooring is chosen for this result. Laminates of medium darkness are among the most popular choices for the flooring in the interiors with oak cabinets. While creating a contrast in the kitchen, people usually choose a floor that is way darker than the cabinet. Some of the most popular options are Brazilian Cherry, chestnut, acacia, pine, and hickory.

Sometimes there are customers who pick oak floor for the oak cabinet while matching the grains. This creates a cool blend of styles and colors in a contemporary design. It is strongly recommended to choose a tone slightly darker or lighter than the cabinet.

Stone laminates can match the oak cabinet as well by creating diversity in materials and making the room look trendy and modern. The stone types like marble, travertine, granite, terracotta, or flecked patterns with golden tones can be the perfect match for honey oak cabinets.   


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