What hardwood floor color is the most popular?

Since the laminate and vinyl floorings can provide countless amounts of colors with the advancement of technology, wood & engineered floorings update and renew their colors as well in order to keep their place in the market. Unlike the previous times, when wood was the one to set trends.

According to 2021 trends, lighter shades are nowadays more popular resembling west-coast beach-house looks with more white tones. They tend to be among the best options, especially for kitchens. The whitewashed floor makes the interior brighter and makes the room look more spacious.  

On the other hand, there are many new shades in warmer tones, for they make the interior cozier. As for the designers, they have individual opinions about the best color for flooring.

Dark hardwood was definitely the top trend for the last decade, and it remains predominant. It’s famous for averting the light and hiding the little scratches.

Darker and cooler tones still have popularity, for they can easily match with the walls. Although, the dark floor is more difficult to clean, choosing the right materials.

The grey tones are also on top not only for the flooring but for the whole interior as well. The grey shades create a cool and modern style. Grey is the color that can match with any other, including bright colors and black & white.

The blonde wood flooring is on the top list as well. They generate a light and airy feel inside the room. The blonde wood matches any style, from contemporary to traditional. Cooler shades suit it better, however, it looks its best when matched with blue or grey. The room will look particularly spacious if you employ larger planks. The blonde wood tends to remain in trend for quite some time.


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