What hardwood floor finish is best for dogs?

It is strongly believed that hardwood flooring cannot co-exist with pets, particularly dogs. However, there are hardwood floor finishes that can survive if there is a pet in the house, only there are some points to take into account.

First of all, one should choose hardwood over softwood or engineered when there are pets in the house. Brazilian Cherry and Oak are among the sturdiest wood species, that do not get scraped easily and their properties of shock absorbency are quite high, which prevents obvious scratches by the dog. The oak and ash also have a pattern rich in grain, which will cover up the small dents. Such species include Brazilian Walnut & Brazilian Cherry.

Domestic lumber species can also be a match for the pet owners, such as Hard Maple. This specific type of maple wood has the highest Janka rating among all the maple species.

One can choose also from satin or matte finishes since they are less shiny and will easily cover the scratches. The matte and oiled finishes are perfect for such households, for they not only disguise the dust and scratches but also for the surface they provide protection; the oil easily penetrates the hardwood causing grains.

It is also important to choose the right color for the flooring. The color range from dark brown to beige is the best match for houses with pets. The fur of the pet will be hardly noticeable on the floor during shedding.

The use of distressed wood can also benefit the pet owners in this case. The finish is already with some marks and knots, which will make any additional dents or scratches less obvious.


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