What hardwood floor finish is most durable?

With the wide variety of hardwood floor finishes in the market, one gets baffled to make the right choice. Finishing the floor is not something to with ease, so one should choose the finish that will pay off all the efforts.

 Among all the traits the hardwood floor provides, durability is the most important. However, each finish has a different durability extent.

Aluminum Oxide is considered to be the most durable of all the hardwood floor finishes. It is installed on prefinished flooring and makes the floor highly unlikely to get scratches. It has proved to last for up to 25 years. Being prefinished brings another asset, whereby it makes the installation faster. Yet it is hard to refinish since it makes the surface very hard, and sometimes replacing can be the only option.

The aluminum oxide finish is particularly useful for engineered wood flooring since the latter has a thin veneer. It is best for the areas that have high traffic where it will provide excellent protection. No scratch, water damage, or scuff can be visible and no chance of color change when there is an aluminum oxide finish. It is available as both matte and shiny. And in addition to all the above mentioned, it is also low maintenance and doesn’t require special care.


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