What is best flooring for hallway?

The entrance floor is what creates the first impression. But to keep it fine through all the traffic, it needs to be durable enough. It needs to be water-resistant and be easy to clean. It will also make a lot of sense if it were resistant to scratches as well.

Among all the types of flooring, vinyl flooring is definitely the choice when it comes to hallways. It is both moisture-resistant and low maintenance. It is absolutely perfect for the high-traffic areas. It is also a good option if there are pets or kids in the house. What is more, the installation of vinyl flooring is affordable and simple.

Despite the little resistance to moisture, wood floorings too are popular for the hallways. The natural look impresses like no other. An asset to wood flooring is that if it gets damaged over time, it can be easily refinished. However, it is not waterproof, and even a tiny amount of water may cause some damage to the floor.

Engineered wood floors may be an alternative to the hardwood ones since they are more sturdy and durable towards moisture. They are also long-lasting and can be refinished if needed.

As for the laminate floor, it may be the most inexpensive of the all mentioned options, and it provides a natural look of the solid wood. It is of low-maintenance and easy to clean. Laminate flooring with a thick top layer will be able to withstand the high traffic in the hallway.


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