What is best flooring for kitchen?

The kitchen is the room that undertakes minor challenges since it’s a semi-moisture area. This is the main reason why it needs to have a floor with durability. One can never avoid spills when washing the dishes or some stains after cooking.

The most essential characteristics for the kitchen flooring are stability, water-resistance, and low maintenance.

There are a few options that meet the above mentioned criteria and can be chosen for the kitchen.

Vinyl is inexpensive and cost-effective, that’s why it’s among the most popular choices of the homeowners. Vinyl floorings are easy to clean, do not require special care to maintain, and they are waterproof. What is more, vinyl flooring serves as a soft underfoot, so in case of a dropped dish or glass, the chances of it getting broken are somewhat reduced.

Hardwood flooring can be installed in the kitchen as well, only it requires to be handled with care to last long. From all the wood floorings engineered is the most suitable option. It is more durable in case of temperature changes, water, and humidity.

Laminate is often preferred over hardwood; however, it is not a better choice. Though its top layer is waterproof, water may go through to the base layer and there it can cause real damage to the floor. And since a water spill can never be prevented in the kitchen, it is a bit risky to pick laminate for the kitchen floor.

Tile flooring is very widely used in kitchens. It is from natural clay and it can undertake any kind of water spills or stains. It may last for years and it is resistant to heat or temperature changes. A drawback is that it is cold as an underfoot material; however, it enables to install under-floor heating. Ceramic tiles are available in various colors and shapes.


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