What Is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is a type of hardwood flooring formed and patterned from wood slabs. Initially the parquet flooring was being installed piece by piece at a time, but nowadays the slabs are bound to one another on a backing material. The parquet flooring looks exactly like the traditional solid-hardwood flooring, since its slabs are from hardwood.

The idea of the parquet flooring comes from France from around the 17th century. Considering the effort it was taking to clean and maintain the marble floors, the French came up with a better idea in 1864.

Many wood types are used in the production of the parquet flooring, including cherry, walnut, oak, maple and even mahogany.

The parquet flooring can be engineered or solid. In case of the engineered type, it is made of wood layers with a hardwood veneer surface. And the solid parquet flooring is made of sturdy pieces of logs.

However parquet flooring requires some special care. The direct sunlight may lead to discoloration, so in order to maintain the floor for a long time it is strongly recommended to have curtains that will protect the floor from the sun.

In fact the parquet flooring is very easy to install. It can be laid upon the existing flooring material as a floating floor. One should only match the pattern and glue it down on the sub-floor. Still, in case of refinishing, an assistance of a professional is needed. A slight renewal may be done by the owner through scraping the old finish and applying a fresh lacquer.

According to their state, parquet floorings can be pre-finished or unfinished. In case of pre-finished, the board is already oiled and lacquered right at the factory, while in case of the untreated it is not, and the customer is free to choose the varnish themselves.

The pre-treated board is already damage-free and can be laid instantly after the purchase. However it is important to pay attention to how hard-wearing the finish is, in order to avoid any further issues.

As for the un-treated boards, the floor is very likely to get damaged or stained, since the process may take some time till the floor is dry and finished.


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