What is SPC flooring?

Stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite, SPC for short, is a type of flooring that was brought about to reflect the original floorings made from wood, ceramic or stone, and also proved to be quite advantageous in comparison to the rest.

SPC is a stiff substance luxury vinyl flooring that is famous for its sturdiness and water-resistance, and is considered to be the option of its kind currently in the market. With the stiff core vinyl there is no need for the vinyl to be as thick as possible, for the rigid core is absolutely solid.

The SPC vinyl core base is usually stabilizers, polyvinyl chloride and limestone powder. As for the rigid core flooring plank, it consists of several layers, wear layer (the transparent and thin layer, which resists scratches), vinyl layer (the vinyl which holds the pattern and color of the plank), core layer (the waterproof core of SPC) and base layer (the EVA foam or cork that serves as the basis).

One of the most important benefits of having SPC flooring is that it’s absolutely waterproof, so it can be the best choice for plentiful businesses.

Another advantage is that it is easy to install on any kind of subfloors, no matter the unsmooth surface and imperfections. They can be installed easily with the floating or glue down manner. What is more, it can be cleaned effortlessly, the occasional vacuum and mop will do.

The SPC floor imitates the natural wood look, and it’d be nearly impossible to differentiate between the hardwood floor and SPC. 

The price is also affordable in contrast to the traditional and other vinyl kinds in the market.

The materials of the SPC are believed to be environmentally friendly, since they are renewable or can be recycled. Yet one more asset is that due to the core density there’s no hollow sound while walking on the floor.


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