What is vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is among the most favorite choices of the customers. Vinyl flooring looks like hardwood; it is made of a thin flooring material and has layers of long and narrow strips. Vinyl plank reached its fame since it is more affordable than solid wood flooring, but looks quite similar unlike the laminate flooring. It is available in various colors and styles that is why it can smoothly meet the customers’ needs.

Vinyl plank has 4 layers; each of them serves a separate purpose. The surface layer is made from aluminum oxide to hinder scratching and scuffs. The second layer is there to protect from harsh tearing. Then there comes the design layer that is to serve for the realistic wood look. Finally, there is the backing layer, which is of quite stiff vinyl and provides 90% of the total thickness.

The plank can be installed in the floating manner, without glue. The click-lock system is employed during the process; that is when the ends and edges of the boards yank.

Vinyl plank is more than 5 times cheaper than the hardwood flooring. Prices of the materials and installation can vary according to the size of the area. The planks can be installed directly on the sub-floor. Therefore, the smoothness of the subfloor is truly essential for the final perfect look of the vinyl floor.

Another advantage of the vinyl plank is that it is absolutely waterproof, so it can be a perfect match for kitchens, bathrooms. What is more, the vinyl planks allow installing in-floor heating.

The material is easy to preserve; it does not require any special cleaning to look good, just usual sweeping and mopping will do.

Vinyl is also fairly long-lasting and has proved its stability to last for about 20 years.

On the other hand, a setback to the vinyl floor can be the fact that it may lose its color having been under the sunlight directly.  So it is preferred for the inside use mainly.

  Another drawback is that in case of damages, the only repair method is the use of a vinyl repair kit, which is chosen during the purchase. Meanwhile, the patched surface may not match the rest of the plank perfectly.


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